How to use Facebook as a Local Marketing Strategy for Your​ Small Business

If you have just started a small local business and want to expand to enjoy a better customer base, you have to employ some interesting marketing strategy. Given that you are a small business, your budget for the same will also be restricted. In such a situation Facebook can be an essential aspect of your local marketing strategy.

Here are two ways you can use Facebook to help your business grow and improve its local business listing.

  1. Graph Search

When Facebook first introduced Graph Search, they stated that there are more than 1 billion search queries every single day. Facebook is already connectedbillions, and when you use Graph Search, you become part of Facebook’s plan to connect people with their local small businesses. The moment you bring your business onFacebook you are a step closer to connecting with your ideal customers, something that a local business directory might not help you enjoy.

  1. Word of Mouth Advertising

Facebook brings together people from different cities. Those in the smallest of cities also form groups and talk to each other about their local businesses. When you are part of Facebook, you become a part of similar small groups which include your potential customers. Being part of Facebook helps you connect better than being listed in Ireland Local Business Directory or India Local Business Directory.

When you become a part of Facebook, your customers can recommend you to their friends and family, which helps you get a better online visibility.

How Do You Set Your Business on Facebook?

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to set up a Facebook page for your local small business.

Step 1: Head over to the Create a Page section and select Local Business or Place. Once you click on this, you will get to choose a category for your business. Make sure that this category is the same as the ones under which your business is listed in USA Local Business Directory or Canada Local Business Directory. If the same category isn’t followed, it will confuse the customers.

Be sure to mention the proper address with area code and phone number for proper local search optimization.

Step 2: Once the previous step is over you will be asked to enter more specific information about the business. Make sure to tally the information with the ones provided for the local business listings like Barbados Business Directory.

Add a basic description of about 1-2 sentences and enter the website information for your business. When you click on Save Info, you will be asked to add a profile picture. Make sure that this photo is similar to the one that you use on your official page and directories.

Step 3: Add a cover photo and edit the About tab. Add information that will help your customers know you better. Enter parking information, price range if it is a restaurant and the hours of operation.

Once your page is ready, connect with your customers by using Invite Friends option and add people. Experts believe that this is a better way to connect with customers than being listed in Guyana business directory and similar directories.